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CIC Luoyang Mechanical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CIPC) is located in Luoyang – an ancient imperial capital with thousands years of history and a beautiful city of peony. CIPC is originally known as CITIC Heavy Machinery Corporation Industrial Corporation Engineering Plastic Factory, which was the exclusive hoist plastic parts supporting factory designated by CITIC Heavy Machinery Corporation (former Luoyang Mining Machine Factory). Over the past thirty years or more, we have been specialized in the R&D, development and production of engineering plastics.
We are the mining machinery friction material research base and teaching base of China Mining University as well as the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base of Henan University of Science and Technology; the member unit of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association; and member of National Mining Machinery Standard and Technical Committee. In 2006, we passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.
We have over 30 sets of 150-500-ton press machines, more than 1,000 product molds, two large injection molding machines, two large machining centers, over 20 other types of machining devices, and more than ten test machines, with which we can produce PP, PVC, nylon, phenolic, polyurethane, ultra-high molecular, wear-resistant resin, and other different types of engineering plastic products.

In 1994, we took the lead in China in developing single-rope mine hoist plastic liner, triggering a “green revolution” in the hoisting industry. Due to its convenience in replacement, good using effect, long service life and other advantages, this plastic liner has replaced the wood liner and been widely applied in the hoist of all kinds of mines. At present, the product occupies as high as 80% market shares.
In 2002, the GM-3 multiple-rope mine hoist high-performance friction liner we have developed passed the authentication of Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology for its superior product properties – high wear resistance, pressure resistance, and heat resistance, and won the third prize for national machinery industry technology and second prize for Henan Technological Progress, and was also confirmed as “China Well-known Product”. The friction coefficient of this product under all kinds of working conditions is all over 0.25, which can completely meet the using demands of multi-rope friction hoists; while its excellent performance and moderate costs can bring users considerable economic benefits. In the mean time, in order to meet the domestic market’s new requirements over large and ultra-large multi-rope friction hoists in recent years, we adopt GDM326 high-performance friction liner completely produced with imported raw materials, so new breakthrough has been made in the friction coefficient, pressure resistance, wear resistance, stability and other performance index. The friction coefficient under different working conditions is all greater than 0.28. This product is mainly used for matching imported hoists and large and ultra-large homemade hoists, meeting different users’ demands.
In 2003, the WSM-3 eco-friendly brake shoe we developed obtained the national invention patent and was recognized as “China High-quality Brand-name Product”. This product, characterized by its superior performance, high friction coefficient, good mechanical strength, small heat decay, no steel wool or high-rigid friction agent, low hardness no damage to brake disc, no rock wool, green, environmental protection and long service cycle, has gradually replaced rock wool brake shoes, enjoying rather extensive application prospects.
In 2006, we introduced the latest generation of hoisting sheave liner product – imported material KP-09 super polymer, which has extremely excellent mechanical performance, much longer service life than other materials, and can be made into different shapes and different specifications of products according to customer requirements. Therefore, it has been widely adopted by lots of customers and been gradually replacing similar products made of PVC, PP, PU and nylon.
In 2008, we began producing filter separator sector plates, which feature light weight, high strength, good hydrophobicity, high porosity, good dehydration and cake removing effect, low filter cake moisture, long service life, corrosion resistance, and easy decoration, and have been designated as matching products by many coal washing equipment manufactories.

We set up CIPC Research Institute, which is equipped with more than ten precision testing devices, is an advanced mining machine friction material laboratory in China and a municipal engineering technology research center. The institute is specialized in the R&D of engineering plastic. It also presides over the formulation of national industry standards. The products it researches and develops mainly fall into six categories and over 200 varieties. Moreover, the institute has won over 20 patented technologies. 
The “new high-performance friction liner research” project the institute presided over in 2002 won the second prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Henan Machinery Industry and the third prize for China Machinery Science and Technology respectively. 
The institute presided over the “WSM-3 mine hoist disk brake new-type environmentally-friendly non-asbestos brake shoe” project in 2003; obtained the third prize for Henan Scientific and Technological Progress in 2005; participated in the development and application of disk-type brake and intelligent braking performance detecting system in 2007 and won the first prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in China Coal Industry; and took part in “mine hoist reliable braking key technology research” project in 2008, which won the second prize for scientific and technological progress granted by the Ministry of Education of China.
In 2009, the institute cooperated with Xuzhou Mining University in the project “Key Technology Enhancing Mine Hoisting Equipment’s Hoisting Ability and Application”, and won the first prize for scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu province. Then in 2010, the institute participated in the project “Key Technology Enhancing Large Mine Hoisting Equipment and Application” and won the national second prize for scientific and technological progress.
In 2008, the institute presided over the compiling of the industry standard JB / T10994-2010 Plastic Liner for Winding-type Mine Hoisting Equipment and JB/T10995-2010 Filler Block for Mine Hoist Hoisting Sheaves and Guide Pulleys.
In 2011, the institute formulated the national industry standard Mining Aerial Cableway Friction Liner, modified the national industry standard Friction-type Hoister Friction Liner and Disk Brake Brake-shoe for Mine Hoist.
At the invitation of the editorial committee of Mine Hoist Fault Handling and Technological Transformation, the institute took part in the compiling of the manuscript of Chapter 13 Mine Hoist Parts – Engineering Plastic.
We are designated as the exclusive supporting manufacturer of engineering plastic products by CITIC Heavy Industry Corporation and also provide matching products for many other hoist manufactories like Sichuan Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanxi Xinfusheng Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Metallurgical Mining Machinery Factory and Zhuzhou Lida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. 
Adhering to being market-oriented and taking innovation as the starting point, we continue improving our scientific research and development ability relying on the company’s powerful scientific research force, advanced laboratories and completely-equipped research institute and constantly launch new products, so that our product performance will always be in the leading level. We have become the most complete manufacturing enterprise of hoist engineering plastic supporting products in China.