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Friction  lining  for mining
  • Friction  lining  for mining
  • Friction  lining  for mining
  • Friction  lining  for mining

Friction lining for mining

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Country of manufacture:China
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We have 30 more years working experience in reserching and designing the friction liner。our materials guarantee an optimal coefficient of friction between the wire rope and the sheave. Alongside the classical areas of application such as mining and funicular railways, you will find our products in cable winches, fairground rides, steel rolling mills, crash test facilities and many other applications where traction and safety matter.


In the 2001 year, we design one kind of new product which are especially applied in crash test facilities. Our GDM 326 Friction liner's COF can arrive the 0.25 under the any working condition. Under the joint action of reliable steel wire rope and friction pad, safety and speed can be ensured,at the same time, it can enlong the servicel life of steel rope.


Product Feature:


1.Under various working conditions, the friction coefficient of GDM326 friction liner is greater than 0.28, which fully meets the requirements of multi - rope friction hoist.

2.It has high mechanical properties, no harmful material to damage the wire rope, and it is easy to process the rope groove on site.





Impact strength KJ/M2 Tensile strength Mpa Bending Strength Mpa Flexural modulus Mpa Elongation at break % Compression strength Mpa




58 - 65














Compared with other lining, GDM326 high performance friction lining with imported material has greater increases mainly in the friction coefficient, compression resistance, wear resistance and stability, so it can be trusted. It has been widely used and achieved very good economic benefits. GDM326 high performance friction lining with imported materials can be applied to other machineries that take use of friction transmission, and also be used as leading wheel friction pad for cable car.


The friction coefficient in different stiuation:


Surface pressure Situation 8 KJ/cm2 12 KJ/cm2 16 KJ/cm2 20 KJ/cm2 25 KJ/cm2 30 KJ/cm2
Dry 0.55 0.55 0.51


0.49 0.49
Wet 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.61 0.62 0.62
Lubricated with turex604 0.36 0.34 0.34 0.33 0.30 0.30



About US

CIPC specializes in research, development and production of mineral engineering plastic new materials, and has 16 patented technologies including 6 scientific achievements at ministerial and provincial level or above. CIPC has stronger scientific research and production capacity, and can completely meet the requirements of production and product inspection, to ensure the stability of products. By constant technical progresses, our product properties and quality have ranked the top in the same industry.


No. Scientific Achievement Name Reward Name and Grade Acquisition Time
1 Key Technology and Application of Large Mine Elevation Equipment The Second Prize of National S&T Progress Award 2010
3 Key Technology of Increasing the Elevation Capacity of Mine Elevation Equipment and Application Thereof The First Prize of Jiangsu Provincial S&T Progress Award 2010
4 Development and Application of Disc Brake and Intelligent Braking Performance Inspection System Thereof The First Prize of China Coal Industry S&T Progress Award 2010
5 Eco - friendly Non - asbestos Brake Tile for Disc Brake of Mine Elevator and Braking Performance Inspection Technology The Second Prize of China Machinery Industry S&T Award 2010
6 WSM - 3 Non - asbestos Brake Tile (New Material for Disc Brake of Mine Elevator) The Second Prize of Luoyang Municipal S&T Progress Award 2010
7 GM - 3 High - performance Friction Gasket The Third Prize of National Machinery Industry Science Award, The Second Prize of Henan Provincial S&T Progress Award 2010

CIPC is committed to providing high quality products and services to customers around the world and strives to maximize customers's vlaue to achieve win - win coopertation.


welcome to visit our factory anytime



Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 23.03.2023

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